A good quality acrylic paint, suitable for interior and exterior use.

  • Economical to use.
  • Good coverage.
  • Good durability.
  • Low odour.
  • Easy to clean, good scrub ability.
  • Suitable for use on interior and exterior use.
  • Touch Dry: 30 Minutes – 1 Hour, @ 23°C
  • Recoating Time: 4 Hours @ 23°C
  • Spreading Rate: 7- 8m²/litre, depending on porosity of surface
  • Packaging: 1, 5 and 20 litres.
  • Storage: Away from direct sunlight, heat and severe cold. Keep container sealed and avoid moisture contact.


New Surfaces

Newly Plastered Surfaces:
The surface should be in good condition before the paint is applied, powdery surfaces might lead to paint failure. If the surface is powdery, sand down and remove dust before applying Top Paints’ Bonding Liquid and leave to dry for 24 hours. Prime with Top Paints’ Builder’s Plaster Primer. Apply SUPER ACRYLIC. Apply Super Acrylic.

Previously Painted Surfaces:
Old paint in good condition:
Remove loose and flaking paint back to sound surface by sanding and scraping. Apply Top Paints’ Bonding Liquid if surface is powdery and allow to dry for 24 hours before applying Top Paints’ Builder’s Plaster Primer. If surface is painted with a glossy enamel, sand down to a matt finish and apply Builder’s Plaster Primer before applying SUPER ACRYLIC.

Old paint in poor condition:
Completely strip surface and treat as new work.


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