Health & Safety

Most paints contain flammable solvents and some contain materials which can harm the skin or damage the health if swallowed or inhaled.

Normal measures which are always applicable are:

Wash hands regularly and thoroughly with soap and warm water.

  • Immediately cover any wound or cut.
  • Do not roll cigarettes, smoke or eat with dirty hands.
  • Beware of possible dust or fumes resulting from sand papering or burning.
  • Check carefully that there is no possible fire or explosion risk.

Solvents and other components in some paint may cause irritation after repeated or prolonged contact with the skin and in susceptible cases there is a risk of dermatitis. Barrier creams together with gloves, goggles and possibly facemasks should be used. In all cases the habit of using solvents to clean the skin after painting should be discouraged.

The ingestion (swallowing) of paint must always be avoided.

Food should not be brought into or consumed in the work area.

  • Thorough washing of hands and face is essential after applying paint, particularly before eating or smoking.
  • If paint or solvents should accidentally be swallowed, or if eyes become contaminated they should be irrigated with water; seek medical attention immediately.