Suitable for use on low cost housing

  • Direct application
  • Protection against humidity in the structure
  • Good resistance to chalking
  • Low odour
  • Matt finish
  • Water-based system
  • One or two coats for most applications
  • Easily recoatable
  • Available in a selected colour range
  • Excellent opacity
  • Drying Time: 4 Hours @ 23°C
  • Recoating Time: 2 Hours @ 23°C
  • Spreading Rate: Apply at a rate of 4-6m2/litre, depending on surface porosity
  • Packaging: 1, 5 and 20 litres.
  • Storage: Away from direct sunlight, heat and severe cold. Keep container sealed and avoid moisture contact


New Surfaces

ONE COAT ACRYLIC can be applied directly to new walls, no primer needed. Allow for sufficient drying of newly plastered and bagged walls.

Powdery Surfaces:
The surface should be in good condition before the paint is applied, powdery surfaces might lead to paint failure. If the surface is powdery, sand down, remove dust and apply a coat of Top Paints’ Bonding Liquid, allow to dry for at least 24 hours. Apply a coat of Supracoat PW High Cover, allow to dry for 4 hours before applying ONE COAT ACRYLIC.

Previously Painted Surfaces:
Weathered Surfaces:
Remove any loose particles, dust, dirt, lichen or oil, by means of wire brush and scraping. Wash the surface down where necessary and allow sufficient time for drying. Remove any organic growth and spores by scrubbing with Top Paints’ Fungal Wash. Pleas see Fungal Wash Technical Data Sheet for application details.

For full Technical and Material Safety Data Sheets, please contact Top Paints (016) 362 1054 or send an enquiry to