A fast drying, finishing enamel suitable for spraying on metal surfaces.

  • Dries to a smooth finish
  • Excellent adhesion to primed metal
  • Excellent opacity
  • Available in a White as well as range of standard colours as per colour chart. Can also be tinted to a variety of colours.
  • Surface Dry: 20 – 30 Minutes
  • Hard Dry: 1 Hour
  • Recoating Time: 1 Hour
  • Application: Brush or airless spray
  • Thinning: Top Paints’ QD Enamel Thinners, if necessary
  • Spreading Rate: 9 – 10m²/litre, depending on surface porosity
  • Cleaning: Top Paints’ QD Enamel Thinners
  • Coats: 1 or 2
  • Stir thoroughly with a flat paddle before and during use
Do not apply excessively thick coats as this may retard drying.

Ensure that all surfaces are dry, free of dirt, dust, oil and grease.

New Surfaces

Degrease surface with Top Paints’ Degreaser and a scouring pad, rinse thoroughly with clean water until water break-free surface is achieved. Allow to dry and prime with Top Paints’ Industrial Red Oxide, allow to dry. Apply 1 or 2 coats of QD ENAMEL.

Old Surfaces

Remove any loose and flaking paint as well as rust, by sanding, scraping or abrasive blasting. Prime with Top Paints’ Industrial Red Oxide, allow to dry. Apply 1 or 2 coats of QD ENAMEL.

1, 5, 20 and 200 litres

Store away from direct sunlight, heat and severe cold. Keep container sealed and avoid moisture contact.

During Winter months painting should be restricted to between 09H00 and 15H00, in Summer painting can be done between 08H00 and 16H00. Exterior surfaces – Do not paint if rain is imminent.

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