MS Primer


A tough and tintable 2K polyurethane coating. Provides surfaces with a protective barrier which can withstand tough situations.


  • Quick and easy to use
  • Provides excellent adhesion to a range of substrates
  • Resistant to most chemicals
  • Water reisistant – keeps out moisture and reduces rust
  • UV resistant
  • Provides a durable stain and scratch resistant surface
  • Protects from rust and corrosion
  • Can be tinted


Substrates Top Paints’ Hot Liner can be used on: Bare Metal*, Aluminium*, Original Paint, Galvanized*, Fibreglass, E-coat*, Concrete*, GRP, Polyester Fillers, Rigid Plastic*, SMC, Wood*.

*Some substrates may require additional surface preparation before applying Top Paints’ Hotrod Hot Liner.

For best results, preparation of the surface is of import:

  • Remove any loose particles from surface
  • Clean and degrease
  • Sand down surface with required sand paper and clean
  • Coat with suitable adhesion promoter in the hard to reach areas, e.g. internal corners
  • Aluminium and galvanize abrade with 80 -180
  • Bare metal abrade with 120 – 180
  • Localized rub-thrus, prime with two coats etch primer.
  • Large exposed areas of bare metal, full 2K primer system required for optimum adhesion and corrosion resistance
  • Rigid plastic and fibreglass abrade with 120 – 180, clean and degrease
  • Flexible plastic, abrade with180 – 320, clean and degrease. Adhesion promoter required for proper adhesion.
  • OEM E-coat, scuff surface with coarse abrasive pad, clean and degrease
  • Top Paints’ Hotrod Hot Liner can be applied directly to stable wood
  • Clean and remove dust from concrete surface. No sealing required.
  • Top Paints’ Hotrod Hot Liner does not adhere to polyethylene.


  • Method: Fill – Shake – Shoot
  • Ratio: Hot Liner : Buff Bak Hardener
  • 1000g – 777g (coating) : 223g (hardener)
  • 500g – 388g (coating) : 112g (hardener)
  • Pot life: 60 min @ 20°C (when activated)

Buf Bak Hardener to be used with Hotrod Hot Liner only


Application with spraygun:

  •  Attach the application gun to the mixed bottle of Hotrod Hot Liner.
  • Air pressure should be 40 – 60 PSI.
  • Spray on the prepared surface with an even sweeping motion to obtain the desired texture.
  • Allow flash of for 60 minutes between coats.

(It is recommended to spray a test panel first to ensure a desired texture is achieved)

Application with roller:

  •  Pour mixture into a paint tray.
  • Cut all corners with a brush.
  • Apply Hotrod Hot Liner with an open textured roller, using medium pressure This method creates a lower build than
    the spraying method.


Coats: 2 coats recommended 1 coat: 230μ 2 coats: 475μ

Flash-off / min @ 20°C – Wait 60 mins. between coats

Drying time: Touch dry: (20°C) Less than an hour

Thorough dry: (20°C) 5-7 days

Do not allow Hotrod Hot Liner to come in contact with water for at least 72 hours  Reduces temperatures, flash-off time, higher temp. or excessive film build may alter drying time 

Baking: Can be baked for 30 mins. @ 60°C. Baking will speed up the initial cure. 7 days for regular is
is still recommended.

Top Paints’ Hotrod Hot Liner can be overpainted when following instructions as below:

  •  Let the sprayed surface cure for 24 hours
  •  Abrade surface with a fine abrasive pad
  • Clean and degrease


  • Viscosity: 125 – post (Black)
  • S.G.: 1.41 (Black)
  • Flash Point: – 18°C
  • Solid content: Approx. 57 %


  • Ensure good ventilation during application and drying.
  • Avoid skin and eye contact. Use safety glasses or face shield, appropriate gloves and protective clothing.
  • Do not smoke, eat or drink while using the product.
  • Store in a cool, dry place.
  • Do not dispose of into natural water-ways or drainage system.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Consult a General Practitioner in case of contact with eyes or ingestion. Do not induce vomiting.
  • Flammable – Keep away from heat, sparks, open flames or any other possible sources of ignition.
  • Please see Material Safety Data Sheet for more information.

For full Technical and Material Safety Data Sheets, please contact Top Paints (016) 362 1054 or send an enquiry to